Podcast-Special Venice 2013 [english]

by on 09/09/2013

There is a first time for everything. Since the first post on filmosophie.com in June 2012 this blog has been in German. But for the first time I will have to make an exception. Since the Podcast-Special Venice 2013 is in Englisch it makes sense to also write this text in the same international language.

As some of you know I’ve been at the Venice Film Festival, covering mainly the competition für the German movie website kino-zeit.de. Unfortunately I didn’t have any time to write something on this blog. Even during a festival one has to sleep and eat and that takes aways too much valuable time. But anyways, I thought I could at least record a small podcast to tell you about my favorite movies and the biggest disappointments. And then I realized that I could actually interview other people about these things as well to present even more movies to you. And that’s what I did.

I talked to my German colleague Patrick Holzapfel who writes for his own blog Jugend ohne Film as well as for Twitch. I also interviewed two Italian colleagues who write for the website film.it, namely Pierpaolo Festa and Marco Triolo. Together we are talking about several movies of the Festival, some of them in the main competitions, some of them in the parallel sections. The movies that we chose are Gerontophilia by Bruce La Bruce, Night Moves by Kelly Reichardt, Locke by Steven Knight, The Wind Rises by Hayao Miyasaki, Moebius by Kim Ki-Duk and Parkland by Peter Landesman. If you wanna know which of them we really liked and which we thought of as the biggest disappointments of the whole festival, you’ll find out in our Podcast.

Have fun! We’d be happy to your read your oppinion, critique or suggestions for future podcasts in the comment section.

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